[pct-l] New unsupprted JMT record

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Mon Aug 6 13:59:00 CDT 2007

Hi gang,
Just to let you know that a new unsupported JMT record has been set by ultra
marathon endurance runner Michael Popov.
Michael finished in an amazing 4 days 5 hrs and 25 minutes.
Aaron Sorensen abandoned his attempt at Vermilion (mile 120) due to foot
Jon Chiappa also abandoned his attempt at Vermilion two weeks ago.

Still to come is the attempt by hall of fame super endurance athlete John
Stamstad and
Iron Man Justin Angle...all of a sudden all the big boys are gunning for the
unsupported JMT.

Michael is a 29 year old Russian immigrant who has lived in the good old USA
for 9 years     and has been a marathon runner for most of his life.
Michael has placed 4th in the San Diego 100 ultra-marathon in 2005 & 2006.
Aaron, a Coast Guard petty officer, was awakened one evening, south of
Mather Pass, by a
bear sniffing his pack he was using as a pillow  (Pheeww, that was a close

They hauled 70 lb of mostly beer & food, including a 20lb can of Heineken
beer they saw in   Lone Pine,  to Trail Camp were they acclimated, guzzled &
gorged themselves, known among endurance runners as calorie or carbo
stocking, for 3 days   before they took off in a blaze of glory from the top
of Mt. Whitney, yodeling at the top of their lungs all the way......what a
sight that must have been!!!

Judging by the results, they were very successful in their ''calorie
stocking'' attempt, unlike Jon, who, just plain and simple, ran out of

So there you have it guys, the proof is in the pudding......Heineken beer
came through again.
It just shows that the sky is the limit when you are powered by beer.

JMT Reinhold, I drink to that

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