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The "designated campsite" is about 50 feet off the blue-blazed trail leading up to the 49th Ave Trailhead and there is (or was) a fire ring there.  However, the campsite only has room for 1 (maybe squeeze two) tents and is built on a hillside so you would slide downhill all night long.  Far better to pick up water from the trailhead and camp just a little to the east of the blue-blaze.  At the top of a short but steep and eroded hill there is a nice flat area in the scrub oaks just to the north of the trail.


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  JThree of us are just back from a tiny little 2.5 day backpack on the Cross-Florida Greenway portion of the FT (SR 484 to the Land Bridge Trailway).  The trail was in great shape, and we had a wonderful time.  Thanks to all of you who've cleared the path and marked the blazes.

  Our only question was that we thought there was a designated campsite very close to the 49th Street underpass, but we couldn't find anyplace with a fire ring.  Jon followed the blue blazes all the way to the parking area, but didn't find a fire ring.  We camped anyway and had a great, but cold (below 32 as our water froze) night.

  Incidentally, there was a pile of bear scat right at the highest point of the land bridge!



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