[ft-l] FT Shuttle and Places to Stay!!

Roy roy_hiking at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 22 09:37:59 CST 2009

I am starting my FT thru-hike in Jan., and I will be going to Key West for a few days before starting my hike at the Oasis Visitor Center. 

I am planning my trip details now, after getting all the info and books from the FTA.  

If anyone down in FL can help me out or give me some local info I would really be GREAT.

1.  Where to stay in Key West?  The campgrounds are asking from $60-$75 just to tent out, are there lower prices or some where to pitch a tent for free?

2.  Getting to Miami from Key West is there a local bus service or would someone like to give me a ride to the trail?  I would pay for the gas and skip Miami.

3.  What would be a good hostel in Miami?

4.  Would anyone like to shuttle me from Miami to the FT?

5.  What Miami bus
 will take me to West alone the Tamiami Trail Road? Or could someone provide a shuttle?

My plan is to arrive in Key West on the 20th of Jan.  and leave Miami on Sat. the 23th.  These dates can change.

Thank You for any help you can provide.


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