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Too much planning...

The only things I would get preoccupied with preparation wise is food,
shelter, and clothing. I sure wouldn't try to figure out where to camp every
night. For the most part, there is abundant water. Just go and when you have
had enough look for water and a campsite. 

The exception is the dry section between Tank 7 creek and Razor Creek of
about 15 miles that you should plan for. (More like 11 miles if you hike a
mile off-trail to Baldy Lake.)  

My suggestion is to start early. Get up early, start hiking early, and go
until you get want to stop or get stopped by weather. Weather complications
generally happen in the afternoons after 1:00 so a good morning will really
move you along. Almost anybody can hike 2 miles per hour. Start at 7 and you
will have 10 miles by noon. If you want to hike 10 hours per day you can
knock out 18-20 miles, be done by 6, and still have time for a little

best wishes,

Jerry Brown
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Good evening all,

   Not exactly CDT related as I am planning a relatively short section hike
on the CT for this summer (it does cover a portion of the CDT however), but
I think there should be a way to look at raw data from trail guides (water
sources, potential camping sites, etc.) and come up with a decent process to
plan the day to day mileage and stops.

   I suspect that many just take off on the trail with planning more focused
on resupply points and points of interest but I am sure the way I am going
about this is either all wrong or that there should be an easier way.  What
I do now is look at where I am beginning, then look at about what mileage
I'd like to do, then figure out where a decent spot would be to stop for the
evening based upon water and terrain.  The trouble is, from my perspective,
is that this is really serial thinking that often paints me in small corners
due to my constraints.  I usually plan for a shorter first day out since I
have to deal with logistics of getting to the trailhead and then try to plan
for a certain number of miles based upon my physical level at the time and
the terrain.  The trouble is it just isn't working for me anymore and I am
looking for a better way.

   I am always flexible on the trail and can adjust to the situation, so 
I rarely stick rigidly to my original plans.   So what has worked for 
you folks?  As for details, my plan is to do about 110 miles on the CT this
summer from Clear Creek down to hwy 114 over about 8-10 days, so 
there are many options to vary the trip along the way.   I just want an 
easier way to come up with the preliminaries.

   Caveat - this may just be the engineer in me trying to over analyze.

Thanks much for whatever comments or flames may come my way, John

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