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Wed Feb 29 12:31:17 CST 2012

I am a section hiker.  Did New Mexico in 2010 and Colorado this past
season.  I did NM using a combo of Ley maps, forest service maps, and BLM
maps.  It didn't work so well for me.  There is a lot of confusing /
unmarked stuff out there and I got off route several times.  One time I
walked into a private ranch accidentally and learned I was two miles from
where I thought I was.  Last summer I bought the map book from CDTA and had
much better luck.  Only got lost once and that was in the South San Juans.
 I was following a really good trail and walked right by a place where the
CDT took off following cairns.  I turned on my GPS and it pointed me back
to where I missed the turn.  I guess I started paying better attention
because after that I made it all the way across Colorado without problems.
 I have purchased the Montana book and am awaiting arrival of the Wyoming
one.  To me this is the way to go.

The maps are clear and easy to read.  I removed the spiral binding and put
the maps I didn't need in my bounce box.  I put the ones I carried in a
large ziplock that I purchased at Office Depot.

Only downside I can see is that the maps are only for the official route.
 I have been considering  going to Mack's Inn and would like to keep the
Anaconda cutoff option so I am going to print those from the Ley CD and
carry them.  I am seriously thinking that since I am section hiking that I
might just stick to the official route since navigation with the maps is so

IMO, Following a good map with detailed GPS information is bulletproof.
 Great the way to go.

Dry Camp

> On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, Darren Bagnall wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My apologies if this is a stupid question... Are the BearCreek maps brand
>> new to the community? They are not mentioned or reviewed in Yogi's book so
>> as a CDT newbie I was going to go for the Wolf books as advised by her
>> book. I am wondering if anyone here (maybe even Jerry) can speak to or give
>> some details on these maps.
>> Are they brand new to the community? Are they designed for thru-hikers?
>> Are they written SOBO or NOBO?
>> Which "official" route is this? I noticed Jerry's work puts the official
>> CDT route at 3008 miles - interesting.
>> If possible it would be great to also hear from anyone who used these on
>> the trail:
>> Are the books designed to easily be torn up and mailed with out losing
>> pages from each section?
>> How does the paper they are printed on hold up? How is the quality of the
>> LuLu printing?
>> Thanks for any info. The decision on which maps to purse is an expensive
>> an important one.
>> I like the fact they were created by an actual cartographer who has hiked
>> the entire trail!
>> ! I wanted to hear more today while this big one day sale is going on.
>> And Jerry, thank you! These books look great.
>> Step.
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