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" If possible it would be great to also hear from anyone who used these on
the trail:
Are the books designed to easily be torn up and mailed with out losing
pages from each section?
How does the paper they are printed on hold up? How is the quality of the
LuLu printing?"

I used the two books that were available last year, along with Wolf and Ley.

They don't relate to Wolf at all, compare them to Ley.  The small maps Wolf
puts at the end of his books don't have much detail.   The CDTA (Jerry
Brown) map books are just maps.

They're great, good quality, easier to read than printing Ley at default
size (11" x 17" Ley might be better, dunno).  And you can be confident that
they're accurate.  They show some water sources, some other basic things
like "there'a  pass here".  They hold up well, better than normal printer
paper, but I still kept them in a ziplock.   The print quality is very
good.   They came with one of those spiral wire binding things, so it was
short work with a wire cutter to easily separate out the pages.

I think that a person wants to carry Ley anyway, unless you've decided that
the particular route that the former CDTA branded as "official" is the only
way to go for you.  For others (most?), I think you want Ley for the many
alternate (purple) routes, as well as the substantial notes that Ley
includes on his maps.

You could always carry both, as I did in CO and NM, but that's a lot of
paper, and fiddling around, sometimes a bit schizo trying to decide which
map to look at.  In general I would do a little review of maps each night
and if I figured I'd be on the "official" CDT route then I'd keep the CDTA
map most handy.

           Brian Lewis / Gadget
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