[Cdt-l] Shuttle from Butte to Four Courners?

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Seems like you could always find  a local to run you out to where you need
to go for a price.  I usually have some cash with me to offer to folk for a
ride.  It has helped.  Lots of folk out of work and for a tank of gas I
would guess you could find someone to give you a ride.




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I took a taxi from Anaconda to Butte and then back this past year, had to go
in for a medical thing.  While not super cheap, I don't recall it being
terribly expensive either.  I think that the taxi I used was the (one and
only) taxi operating out of the Anaconda area, FWIW, but presume that Butte
has something too (?).


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 6:31 AM, <walkmoore1 at aol.com> wrote:

Does anyone know of a shuttler in the Butte area?  My husband and I had to
get off the trail in Anaconda in 2010 due to his broken foot, and we are
planning to head back out this year to finish our southbound hike.  In early
July we're taking the bus to Butte, and we would like to start hiking at
Four Corners so we can do the Butte Route.  


Anyone have any suggestions on how we can get to Four Corners from Butte? Do
any of the motels there offer any kind of shuttle service?


Janie Faucette Moore

"Not Yet"

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