[Cdt-l] Montana Mapbooks...

Andrew James longhiker.pct at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 07:13:52 CST 2012

I have been a bit of a skeptic about these maps but I just received my
Montana book and  must admit I am impressed.  The maps show everything -
 little turns and switchbacks and other details that I've never seen on
maps before. Map 8 is just amazing!

I used a combination of full on USGS Topo sheets, ($7.50 each),National
Geographic Maps ($12 each), BLM/Forest Service Maps($8 - $10 each), and the
Ley maps in NM and CO (3 inkjet cartridges and lots of paper). I spent
something like $120 per state (at least) when you figured up the cost of it
all, and I still got off-course several times.

Based on the Montana book, I am going to get Wyoming now.  I think I still
might bring a few National Geographic maps so I can identify distant
mountains and stuff, but the mapbook looks better than anything I've ever
used.(The mapbook maps pretty much just show the area close to the trail)

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