[Cdt-l] Lower routes Around the San Juans?

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I envy you if you are hiking this year. (sigh)


Spring Creek to Cochetopa is about 1/8th as nice as Cumbres Pass to Spring
Creek.  Cumbres Pass to Spring Creek via the CDT is the nicest hike in
Colorado.   IMO, it's the nicest hike on the entire CDT.*


Good news is that the snowfall in the San Juans is below normal.  Might be
one of those years when you can actually do the hike in June.   


* My other favorite parts of the CDT:


The Bootheel, NM   (what can I say?  My dad was a desert herpetologist)    

        Aldo Leopold WA, NM  (Very wild, amazing...)

                       Georgia Pass, CO to Rocky Mtn. National Park.  Going
over James Peak is really cool. (RMNP itself is fantastic, but seriously
over-                                 regulated)   

                       The Winds

                       Pintler-Anaconda WA, MT  (just amazing!)

                       Scapegoat WA, MT  (Roto-tilled by bears and a bit on
the strenuous side.)    

                       Glacier  NP (also over-regulated, but really nice..)


best wishes,


Jerry Brown (bearcreek)



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Is there a lower route to follow from Cumbres Pass up to Creede that
doesn't have a lot of road walking?  >From Creede, up over the saddle of San
Louis Peak is an area I don't want to miss and I would hope I could pick up
the CDT near San Louis Pass coming up out of Creede and up over the saddle
and down into the Cochetopa Hills.


I am not going to be packing crampons or an ice axe- just trekking poles.


I need to go dig out my map for that area......


Baby boomers on the trails- everyone watch out- we are coming!  



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