[Cdt-l] April hikers from Columbus

Lynnae lmcconaha at aol.com
Fri Feb 24 12:14:45 CST 2012

Mimbres Valley/McKnight Canyon Rd: For early hikers, Will and I will be gone during the later part of April, back around the first week of May.  Right now I think we'll be leaving late the 3rd week...but I might have a festival on the 13th, so will need to leave earlier if this happens (this is rather iffy).  If you send packages we will put them on the porch.  We can close it off to animals. We will have someone taking care of the animals and house, and I will let her know that there might be packages and hikers camping in our yard.  If we aren't here you are welcome...we have a grassy area in the front, water available, and we'll try to get the fire ring cleaned up a bit.  If the house sitter is willing I will tell her to let you clean up in the house!!!

Lynnae McConaha

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