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Thanks, Jerry for a stupendous job!
3 ?s, at your convenience:  1. A second to  Yogi's question about a WY Book 
discount?  2. How will the  updates be handled? It would be nice if one 
could somehow buy and download  just the updated pages, although the waypoints 
would probably be wrong for  the rest of the book.  3. Although I'll be done 
by  the time it might happen, will you eventually add the alternate  routes?
Already bought CO, NM, & MT/ID; waiting discount word on WY,
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The  Mapbook for Wyoming was just published and is available at  
(http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035)    or  by taking the link on the front page for  
_www.bearcreeksurvey.com_ (mip://091cba30/www.bearcreeksurvey.com) .  That completes  the four 
books of maps for the entire trail. This has been a long, hard  struggle to 
get these all out there and I am really glad to finally get to  this point.   
The  total number of individual maps for the entire trail is 390.  They are 
 reduced by 1/3 from the original topos to a scale of 1:36,000  (1”=3,000’
).  They are gridded with UTM coordinates for easy GPS use and  have precise 
compass declinations calculated for every map.  (Map  declinations 
constantly change and become useless after 10-15 years so the  ones on most USGS 
topos are wrong.)   
The  waypoints have been finalized and are on the web site.  There were 
some  coding corrections made so if you already have the Wyoming waypoints I 
would  recommend getting the updated set.   
I  will be going out each summer with the GPS gear to pick up trail  
changes.  The USFS is going to notify me when changes occur but in case  that doesn
’t always happen, I would appreciate hearing from hikers who find  
re-routed trail so I can keep these books current.  Best way is to let me  know the 
waypoint id codes where the new piece begins and ends so I can plan  
best  wishes, 
Jerry  Brown  (bearcreek) 
_mailto:bcss at bresnan.net_ (mailto:bcss at bresnan.net)  
_www.bearcreeksurvey.com_ (mip://091cba30/www.bearcreeksurvey.com) 

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