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Thu Feb 23 09:51:12 CST 2012

Thanks.  I have a pre-made maildrop headed to Lima and plan on skipping
Lander.  Actually, with the possible exception of Leadore, I plan on
following Yogi's example resupply points.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Also,
any additions needed on the fly are all in-town 'Buys'....so it's pretty

The obvious tough spots being Ghost Ranch (NM) to Pagosa Springs (CO),
Steamboat Springs (CO) to Rawlins (WY), South Pass (WY) to Dubois (WY) and
Lima (MT) to Sula (MT)...I really don't want to carry 9 days of food, but
we'll see.  Maybe I'll carry some high calorie powder through those

PS:  Those Google glasses sound interesting.  Having glasses with a
built-in GPS was discussed last year on the PCT when we had a month of
route finding.  Having a Heads Up Display that overlays a semi transparent
track over the snow/tread-less ground might be cool.  Battery life will be
an issue, but still...
On Feb 20, 2012 1:46 PM, "David Spangler" <davidspangler at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  We (my wife and I) hiked Lima to Chief Joseph pass in one carry in 2010.
> We carried 9 days of food--heavy but doable.  We ended up eating next to
> nothing the last day and did some miles on an empty belly.  We also yogied
> a snickers off some SOBO hikers which was a new low in hiker trash (thanks
> Snorkel, Frog and ????). The miles are rough coming out of Lima (no trail
> and straight up and down) which slows the pace a little but you should be
> able to pull it off.  As far as I know we were the only folks to do this in
> 2010.
> I would send a mail drop to Lima if you plan to do this since the resupply
> is limited in Lima and if your counting pounds vs. calories you would need
> a larger grocery store.  I would do this from Lander--do all the mail drops
> for the last part of the trip from there so you can use the NOLS gourmet
> gulch which has lots of specialty food.  The hitch into Lander could be
> tough but it is a great place for a zero thanks to NOLS (you should be also
> to get a cheap room at the Noble which is the NOLS base and rents rooms at
> hostel rate when available).
> I'm a big fan of skipping towns and mail drops--we carried through the
> Winds and the Bob Marshall as well each of which was a 9 day carry or so.
> Sucks for a day coming out of town due to the weight and a day going into
> town because your damn hungry.  Since I'm rambling I would also do all the
> mail drops out of Rawlins for Wyoming.  This was our favorite trail
> town due to the Ferris House B and B and the discount grocery being a great
> great deal.
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