[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Digest, Vol 53, Issue 12

Brooks Wilson wilson.brooks at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 10:26:53 CST 2012

Yes Travis, we did meet in Portland last summer before you started
your trail, and I would have seen you if I had just stepped into the
diner in Leadore. I just talked to the guys at the picnic tables.

For the Sangre de Christo range, I emailed the Taos Pueblo Tribe and
they said they would review my request. I haven't recieved permission
and if I don't I will avoid the reservation. It's possible to hitch
around to Red River then hike the road and hike up Wheeler from the
east side. It's a less crowded and more scenic hike. Or according to
some maps there are trails and roads that skirt the reservation on the
east side. It's a lot of old mining areas, so unmaintained paths are

 I've heard the same thing about the northern parts. My plan is to
resupply in Red River then summit Little Costilla, and then head out
to the road to Costilla, or take a southern route through the Latir
Wilderness and out to Questa.

I've heard of people in the Colorado section have issues in the past
with trying to hike the 14er (Culbera) that's there, but it sounds
like the ranch sounds like it's offering admission for a price:
http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/ppc.php?peak=Culebra+Peak You might
contact them to see what they control and if they can grant you

As for the ICT, I've choosen a different route to get down to Hwy 12.
Near Rhodes Peak, the trail turns west and winds it's way into Lochsa,
but I couldn't find a place of business there. Instead I plan  on
heading south and meeting the road near Lochsa Lodge
(http://www.lochsalodge.com)  and see if they would hold a package for
me, or it's closer to have friends from Missoula drop off food for me.
Then it's 160 miles to either McKay crossing where there is a guest
ranch and road access or about the same to Corn Creek on the east side
which is a popular rafting location and 40 miles by road to Salmon.
>From McKay, it's 150 miles to the road that leads to Stanley.

My experience with the ICT is just from working in the Sawtooth forest
for a summer and the trail crossed the road near our station and there
was a marker there. It's marked on some BLM and FS maps, but that's
all I can be sure of.

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