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Jim and I intended to thruhike the ICT the year Brian did the trail.  We bought all the maps, contacted the folks who created the route, and did what research we could on the trail.  At that time, it had been section hiked by a few people who lived in Idaho and were able to use local resources to assist with resupply (e.g. Fish and Game wardens, local rafting companies) but never thruhiked.  Biggest issues are the southernmost section, which has 100 miles with only one certain water source (it was recommended we bicycle it) and the Salmon River Wilderness area, where I had planned to follow an alternate jeep route to a town where we could do a maildrop, otherwise it was something like 200 miles between resupply options.  Unfortunately, that was the year Jim broke a rib in a fall, then his knee went really bad.  The long steep descents on the trail weren't going to be good for either his rib or his knee so we postponed the trip.  Since the replacement knee went bad, we'll probably never do the hike, but it did look like an interesting one.  There is a good video about the ICT that was put out by Idaho Public Television. I don't know if it's still available, but you used to be able to buy it for about $20.   ginny 

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Good luck with the trip Brooks, I am sure you will love the CDT!
On the Idaho ICT, have you done the trail or do you know of anyone who has done it? I would be interested in finding out what sort of quality of experience it would provide and how wild it is. Looking at the Idaho map it certainly looks quite wild and entertaining. 
Martina and I have visited the south only to rock climb at 'City of Rocks' which is in a lovely desert region. Also the Sawtooth Wilderness is, I think very scenic - there are a few classic rock climbing routes in the area.
Black Isle Scotland

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The countdown has begun. I plan on starting at Crazy Cook on April 15. I put a map on my blog: http://brooksmapped.blogspot.com/2012/02/final-countdown.html

I don't know if everyone would count it as the CDT since I'm intentionally skipping sections in favor of other places I've always wanted to go.

 I've seen some posts about people looking for another trail to hike, and might I suggest the Idaho Centennial Trail: http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/recreation/idahocentennialtrail.aspx It's kind of a mini CDT with the desert of the Snake River valley, mountains of central Idaho and glaciated features of Northern Idaho and arguably more remote in some areas. There website has a lot of great info including GPS tracks.

Good hiking,

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