[Cdt-l] Brook's Hike

Travis Naibert tnaibert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 17:28:46 CST 2012

Hey Brooks,

I think I met you last year at a wedding in Portland. Glad to know you
are getting on the trail this summer, I will try to follow your blog
on occasion. I have some questions/concerns for you (or anyone else
who would like to chime in). I am planning my own next thru hike (and
I love planning almost as much as hiking, so I often plan hikes I may
never do) and I was also thinking about hiking the Sangre de Cristo
range instead of the CDT through northern NM (and S. CO.) After living
in NM for 5 years though I am not sure that it is possible, as the
Taos pueblo and a large spanish land grant include much of the high
peaks between Highway 64 and the CO border (actually another land
grant in CO). This would likely require trespassing or getting written
permission or doing a lot of road walking at lower elevations. I was
just wondering if you have thought about that, and if so, what is your
plan? I would be interested in knowing for my own trip planning, as I
am interested in linking the Colorado trail near Salida and the Grand
Enchantment trail in Albuquerque by going down the east side of the
Rio Grande valleys.

Good luck. Have you done the ICT between Highway 12 (Lochsa River) and
the Canadian Border? I would be interested in information about that
section as well.


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