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Wed Feb 1 19:19:26 CST 2012

After over two weeks of mind-numbing work, the waypoints for MT/ID are
complete.  They are now on the website.  The entire official route is now


I apologize if I have seemed evasive to those who have been contacting me
about the future of the Mapbooks.  It was not until this morning that I knew
what was going to happen.  I have managed to acquire the rights to continue
publishing the Mapbooks for New Mexico and Colorado under the Bearcreek
umbrella.  This means I will spend the rest of this winter producing new
Mapbooks for Wyoming and Montana/Idaho.  The NM and CO Mapbooks are being
moved to the Bearcreek site at Lulu where I currently sell my Mexico Silver
Trail book.  


There are links to the books at www.bearcreeksurvey.com which is also where
the waypoints are.  The waypoints are free.  


Or you can go directly to the Lulu listings at
http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035  if you want to get a book.


Guides become obsolete as  trail  development continues.  The closure of
CDTA will probably slow development a bit, but regardless, I intend to spend
time each summer gathering gps data for any and all changes.  I intend to
re-publish the books in a timely manner each winter so they remain  current
and correct.   


The New Mexico and Colorado books will be re-published first (next winter)
so if you find notable changes or errors in those please let me know.   The
USFS has indicated that they will keep me informed of changes, but we found
considerable amounts of unreported activity and changes on our original
survey so it would be great to get field reports from thru-hikers.  




best wishes,


Jerry Brown (bearcreek)

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net




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