[Cdt-l] Rocker patches

lint at riseup.net lint at riseup.net
Wed Jan 20 17:04:49 CST 2010

Rocker patches are in the process of being made. After all the good input
received, I decided the most inclusive design would be END TO END. That
way it doesn't distinguish between thru and section hikers, or those who
took shorter/longer routes. I hope everyone likes this design, but if you
want something different, remember anyone can make their own design and
have it made!

I ordered 50 patches, and they should be done in a month. They should be
pretty cheap too, since I ordered them in bulk. Not positive how I'll be
getting them out to folks, I really don't have the time/space to mail them
out myself to individuals. Postage and all that jazz adds up.

Once I have them in hand, I'll post a link to a picture and give ordering
info. Again, thanks to all who gave suggestions.


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