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Wed Jan 6 13:06:17 CST 2010

My experience (1700 miles) on the CDT this past summer revealed that alot of so-called cairns marking the ever-elusive CDT route are nothing more than a single stone on top of a larger stone. Sometimes you might actually get two or three piled together that some kind hiker, previously lost and frustrated, took a minute to assemble. Rarely did I ever see what would be considered a cairn built with hard labor. You know, a couple feet high, big stones that even ATVers might be dissuaded by. 
So who knows? Maybe Jack was accidentally stumbling over a few rocks without even knowing what he was doing. I'm being somewhat facetious but the point is...the CDT is horribly marked and until the government overseers get their act together, we'll always be desperate for ways--Ley maps, GPS routes, Wolf books, prayer--to stay on-track.
lynne whelden
PS The dictionary defines cairns as "a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark." 
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