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Help!! Does anyone know if the Ley maps ( 8x10 ) elevation notations are suppose to be hard to read? We are considering  printing ( 11x17 )$$$$!!! sized maps inorder to see the maps better.  Any ideas?  Am i just getting old? Is anyone else having these issues? 
  Any input would be valuable
  LF cdt 2008

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Today's Topics:

1. new DVD - Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho
(Thomas Hogeboom)


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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 09:39:43 -0400
From: "Thomas Hogeboom" 
Subject: [Cdt-l] new DVD - Continental Divide Trail Diary:
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know about a new DVD that I've produced,
Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho. It's a video diary (meaning,
in this case, that the viewer gets a glimpse of what I experienced, both
internally and externally) covering 800 miles of trail between Waterton
Lakes, Canada and Yellowstone National Park. Here's some detailed info:

Wilderness Film and Video Productions announces the release of a new DVD,
Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho. The DVD took award-winning
filmmaker Thomas (Tim) Hogeboom took ten years to complete. [If you have
Lynne Whelden's How To Hike the CDT video, check out the first section,
"Crash and Burn" which is also the starting point for CDT Diary: MT/ID. 

Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho is a 76 minute video
diary of Hogeboom's 800 mile trek from the Canadian border to Yellowstone
National Park in Wyoming. The film details Hogeboom's hike along the
Continental Divide Trail through Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall and
Scapegoat Wilderness, the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness, the Beaverhead
Mountains, and all the way to Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone. Although
Hogeboom intended to complete the trek in nine weeks back in 1998, it took
him eight years instead. Along the way, he got lost multiple times,
experienced grizzly and black bear encounters, a serious tick disease, snow,
plagues of flies and mosquitoes, the loss of a parent, a hospitalization
for dehydration, and the repercussions of world events (9/11 in particular).
One of Hogeboom's hiking partners suffered a trip-ending injury and another
was bitten by a disease-carrying tick. 

Luckily for the viewer, the backdrop for these sobering and sometimes
humorous events is the drop-dead gorgeous Continental Divide through Montana
and Idaho. Yes, it's possible to admire the Rockies from the comfort of a
tour bus, but viewers of CDT Diary: MT/ID get to see the spine of the divide
from the point of view of a long distance hiker - up close, and in this
case, very personal. 

This is not just a tour of the Continental Divide Trail, it's the story
of what happens to an aging hiker who experiences both transcendental
moments and life-altering events. 

It was shot in digital video and produced as a DVD. Nearly all of the
filming locations were far from any roads, accessible only on foot (or
horseback). Hogeboom walked the entire route, an unbroken line of footsteps
across Montana and Idaho.

Tim Hogeboom is a filmmaker/videographer with over thirty years
experience in film and television. In 1992, Hogeboom produced the
award-winning film, North to Katahdin on the Appalachian Trail, which has
been seen by over twenty million viewers worldwide. [Hogeboom carried
professional 16 mm film equipment over 2,100 miles in the course of filming
North to Katahdin.] He lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

To obtain a DVD copy of Continental Divide Trail Diary, please contact
Hogeboom at (802) 563-2934 or email thogeboom at fairpoint.net You may also
send 19.95 + 2.75 (S & H) = $22.70 (make checks payable to Wilderness Film &
Video) to:

Tim Hogeboom

Wilderness Film & Video Productions

1688 Noyestar Road

Hardwick, Vermont 05843 

You can view a sample of the footage by going to
www.wildernessfilmandvideo.com and
clicking on DVDs/Videos, then click on Crash and Burn. Or you can view
Crash and Burn on the first part of Lynne Whelden's How To Hike the CDT
tape. Continental Divide Trail Diary: Montana/Idaho is also for sale on
eBay. Go to www.ebay.com , search Continental
Divide Trail, and the DVD should come up (you may be able to get the DVD at
a discount this way).

I hope you like it! If all goes well, this will be the first DVD in a
four-part series. Which means I intend to go on to produce CDT Diary:
Wyoming, CDT Diary: Colorado, and CDT Diary: New Mexico.

Happy Trails,

Thomas (Tim) Hogeboom "The Hog"

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