[Cdt-l] Flip-Flop Ideas for NOBO and Deep Snows

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We are starting in Columbus on April 21st after an all night bus ride to Deming and early morning hitch hike to the border.  We live in Colorado and there is a lot of snow.  We plan to hike as far as Chama, New Mexico and then leap norht to Steamboat and hike out of that valley if the Continental Divide still has to much snow. Mountains outside Chama may have snow, but Wolf Creek Pass is buried. This will put us into the Red desert in June when there hopefully is water and into Glacier around Labor Day.  We may be into the Winds too early, but the snow there this year has not been as deep. We plan to return to Chama do Colorado north bound.  We wanted to hike north uninterrupted but not this year unless you want to use skis.

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  Hi Folks,

  Looking at the most recent information it looks like deep snow in northern NM and southern CO: ftp://ftp.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/support/water/westwide/snowpack/wy2008/snow0803.gif

  I still plan to hike NOBO, starting in late April at Columbus, because I want a longer hiking season to work with. I am willing to be extremely flexible, but definitely want to finish northbound at the Canadian border.

  Given the latest snow information, where am I likely to hit the first hit deep snow?

  Will the deep snows likely result in deep water on the Gila River route at that time of year?

  If I temporarily skip a section of trail, what suggestions do people have for another long section, or sections, I can do while waiting for the deeper snows down south to melt? For example, if I head up to South Pass and hike south, how likely is it the deep snow will have mostly melted by the time I get to where it was?

  How about skipping much farther north, say to the Butte area, then heading south? 

  I've done enough post-holing in my life to know that I want to avoid post-holing, so any other sensible options people can think of, I'd like to hear them!


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