[Cdt-l] Flip-Flop Ideas for NOBO and Deep Snows

CicelyB250 at aol.com CicelyB250 at aol.com
Tue Mar 18 17:00:18 CDT 2008

You just have to think "warm thoughts".   I don't know where I got the  link, 
but this site _CDT Post-Holer_ 
(http://postholer.com/cgi-bin/postHoler?trail=CDT)   has pretty graphs.  As a Northbounder, I just know it will melt in  
front of me!   Heading out 4/13 with Sunset whom I've not met.   Tru and Timber 
are joining us for the Crazy Cook to Silver City leg.   CicelyB

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