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There is no such book - and if there were, it would be both useless and confusing for many
parts of the trail.  There are constant relocations being done on the trail - and NOBODY is telliing 
anybody where or when they're being done.  Only Jim Wolf makes any attempt to inform hikers 
of changes.  And even he sometimes is behind the curve.  For example - the BLM route through 
the New Mexico bootheel has changed - NOT for the better.  We'll put out more on this subject - 
later, when we have time to write something coherent.  
The guidebooks have the information you need.  Knowing that there is a water at mile 9.6 doesn't help 
if you don't know how to find it.  In some of the desert sections, the water is not at all obvious.  
The guidebooks have detailed information on how to find hidden springs and other obscure water sources.  
Jonathan's maps give a lot of information on finding difficult junctions and water sources, but reading the 
guidebooks will sometimes tell you more.
Think about it - water sources depend on which route you take.  Water quality depends on route and 
time of year, as well as other factors - like whether the cattle have been moved off the range in New 
Mexico.  Water sources are also subject to drastic variations in quality as a funtion of time - last year 
many of the Wyoming desert sources were good in mid-June - and mostly dry or sucking swamp-water 
by mid-July.  Jonathan had notes on water quality - but we frequently had very different experiences
 with the water than his notes indicated.
Landmarks? - depend on which route you take.  Are you gonna take the Crazy Cook route - or the 
Columbus/Palomas option?  Will you do the "official" route - or Temple Pass?  Do you want to use 
Chief Mt or the Waterton route?  Or any of the other dozen or so cutoffs, shortcuts and alternate 
routes?  Or do you have the guts to "make your own trail?"  Or do you just want to be lazy and hike 
someone else's hike?  You're the only one who can make those decisions.  
Just for reference - when we hiked in 2006, we updated our website so the information would be there 
when we wanted it.  And we never once even referred to our own information.  It just wasn't necessary. 
If you need more information than what's on our website, in the guidebooks and on the maps, you might 
want to learn how to your own hike.  "Hike your own hike" isn't just a platitude - it's a lifestyle, a philosophy, 
and sometimes almost a religion.  And it sure doesn't mean what most people think.   
Walk softly,
> Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 19:51:56 -0700> From: tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com> To: cdt-l at backcountry.net> Subject: Re: [Cdt-l] Wolverine's Databook> > I tried to send this email when the cdtl seemed to be> down a while back:> > > Any body ever make a homemade data book for the CDT> they are willing to share. For example water data,> town data, landmark... Kind of in the PCT or AT data> book fashion. Willing to share?> > Just curious if one existed.> > Having read this discussion below I thought I would> ask and of course could be contacted off list. I> would only use the data book for personal use.> > thanks,> adam> cdt 08
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