[cdt-l] Fuel Resupply ?

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I didn't check for sure, but I am pretty confident you could find HEET at Mack's Inn or Sawtelle.  Benchmark doesn't have it and I don't remember seeing HEET in Augusta.
None at Ghost Ranch, Pie Town or South Pass either.

The only time I could have used some more and had a hard time finding it was in East Glacier.  I got there shortly after a big group of SoBos though.  The guy at the Exxon said he sold more HEET in the summer than winter.  I tried to explain to him its popularity among the hikers.  Maybe next year the stock levels will be better.


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We can confirm that supplies of HEET were available in 2006 in:
East Glacier
West Yellowstone
Silver City

NOT in Pie Town or Lake Roberts or South Pass/Atlantic City.

Cannot be sure from my records of Old Faithful.
Did not visit Gila Hot Springs, Ghost Ranch or Benchmark.

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> Looks like the past 3 years cdt-l archives were vaporized this summer, so 
> Ill go ahead and ask about fuel resupply (Im sure the info was in there 
> somewhere). I assume alcohol is available at the larger resupply towns in 
> the form of heet or denatured, but what about the small places like Macks 
> Inn, Leadore, Lima etc.. Other than those, here are my main places of 
> concern (assumed northbound hike):
> - Gila Hot Springs, NM (could stock up in Silver City)
> - Pie Town, NM
> - Ghost Ranch, NM (could stock up in Cuba)
> - Atlantic City/South Pass, WY
> - Benchmark, MT (stock up in Lincoln)
> We are thinking about bringing the little canister stove and sending fuel 
> with our resupply in the few places we're sending a box, is that 
> necessary?
> Anybodys recent experience with fuel resupply would be greatly 
> appreciated. Are there other places of concern? Thanks, Mark.
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