[cdt-l] An alcohol stove for two

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 26 11:58:36 CST 2006

This was something I worried about before our hike, but it turned out not to 
be the problem I expected - largely because we didn't eat the way I expected 
us to.

We had two stoves that I tried on the trail.  One was built as a two person 
stove out of a Fosters can.  I only used it for one section because it 
burned fast and hot and used too much fuel.  It was great for boiling water 
in a hurry - but cooking dinner just took too much alcohol.  So I went back 
to the one I had been using, which was one Ron Moak sent us a while back.  
It was a small single stove - took longer to boil, but used a lot less fuel.

What made the difference for us was that I didn't do two Lipton dinners at a 
time as I had done on previous long hikes using white gas.  This year we 
split one dinner or one and a half with added protein in the form of 
packaged tuna, salmon, chicken or sausage or ham or spam.  With the added 
protein we didn't get as hungry as we had on a higher carb diet.  We also 
ate a lot more meat at lunch.  The CDT is mostly cool enough that packaged 
meats hold up really well.  We ate the 59 cent packages of ham, turkey etc. 
with cheese in sandwiches for lunch - and that held us well.


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>Subject: [cdt-l] An alcohol stove for two
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>Ginny wrote:
>"We never had to carry more than one
>full 20 oz Pepsi bottle for the two of us."
>This brings up a topic that I am have a question
>about......I'm looking for a two-person alcohol stove.
>  My past attempts to find an alcohol stove that will
>cook a pot of food for two hikers were unsuccessful.
>We've tried several different al. stove designs, but
>it takes too much fuel to get a one liter plus pot of
>water boiling.  So, my husband and I have always used
>white gas when we are cooking for two.  It just proves
>more economical all the way around.  However, we heard
>that there was a new al. stove built for two (rumor at
>the ADZ party).  Ginny and others, what alcohol stove
>design do you use for two people?
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