[cdt-l] An alcohol stove for two

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 25 21:48:36 CST 2006

Ginny wrote:

"We never had to carry more than one 
full 20 oz Pepsi bottle for the two of us."

This brings up a topic that I am have a question
about......I'm looking for a two-person alcohol stove.
 My past attempts to find an alcohol stove that will
cook a pot of food for two hikers were unsuccessful. 
We've tried several different al. stove designs, but
it takes too much fuel to get a one liter plus pot of
water boiling.  So, my husband and I have always used
white gas when we are cooking for two.  It just proves
more economical all the way around.  However, we heard
that there was a new al. stove built for two (rumor at
the ADZ party).  Ginny and others, what alcohol stove
design do you use for two people?


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