[cdt-l] Fuel Resupply ?

Mark Dixon mkdixon1 at excite.com
Sun Dec 24 11:22:40 CST 2006

Looks like the past 3 years cdt-l archives were vaporized this summer, so I’ll go ahead and ask about fuel resupply (I’m sure the info was in there somewhere). I assume alcohol is available at the larger resupply towns in the form of heet or denatured, but what about the small places like Macks Inn, Leadore, Lima etc.. Other than those, here are my main places of concern (assumed northbound hike):

-	Gila Hot Springs, NM (could stock up in Silver City)
-	Pie Town, NM
-	Ghost Ranch, NM (could stock up in Cuba)
-	Atlantic City/South Pass, WY
-	Benchmark, MT (stock up in Lincoln)

We are thinking about bringing the little canister stove and sending fuel with our resupply in the few places we're sending a box, is that necessary?

Anybody’s recent experience with fuel resupply would be greatly appreciated. Are there other places of concern? Thanks, Mark.

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