[cdt-l] Printing Jonathan Ley's Maps

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Fri Dec 22 00:01:57 CST 2006

It is possible to set it up so they print in batches. I have a couple tips
on my web site, though... it really depends on your personal set-up and
software, etc. Plus, most printers have a paper tray :-).

Another note: If you have a newer laser printer, these work amazingly well
(at least at 8.5 x 11... I haven't seen any larger format laser printers
generally available). Instead of worrying about the ink "running" though,
it has a tendancy to "flake off" on the map folds.


> In a message dated 12/21/2006 2:18:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> at2002 at mac.com writes:
> Any idea  how much time it took you?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ah, over the course of two days and a sore back feeding the paper!  So
> when
> you think of it like that it may be well worth it paying the  printer!   I
> got
> the cheap knock off ink, but it didn't fade or  run when wet.
> I think I printed maps 1 and 3, 2 and 4 ect. front and back  so I could
> hold
> them together if need be.  I'm not quite sure how  Tripod printed his, but
> they were also on 8.5" x 11 paper and much clearer  than mine.
> This year, I'll be printing maps for the GET,  the CT and the JMT  which
> should be equally as challenging.
> Sly
> One advantage of printing at a print shop is that the ink is  not
> water based.  I also don't have a printer that can print on  11x17
> paper, which from my test pages is much more readable than the  maps
> printed on 8.5x11.
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