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Any idea  how much time it took you?
Ah, over the course of two days and a sore back feeding the paper!  So  when 
you think of it like that it may be well worth it paying the  printer!   I got 
the cheap knock off ink, but it didn't fade or  run when wet.
I think I printed maps 1 and 3, 2 and 4 ect. front and back  so I could hold 
them together if need be.  I'm not quite sure how  Tripod printed his, but 
they were also on 8.5" x 11 paper and much clearer  than mine.  
This year, I'll be printing maps for the GET,  the CT and the JMT  which 
should be equally as challenging.

One advantage of printing at a print shop is that the ink is  not  
water based.  I also don't have a printer that can print on  11x17  
paper, which from my test pages is much more readable than the  maps  
printed on 8.5x11.

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