[cdt-l] New Thru-hiker Questions (roadwalking, maps, GPS, ice axes)

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I second most of the last response. As for the GPS antennae, I don't think
you'd need that. Most of the time on the CDT, you'll be able to get a clear
shot to the sky... or won't have too walk far to get one.

There are "overview" maps included with my other maps. While I realize these
aren't perfect - especially for trail navigation - it's at least something,
and will give you a bigger picture view. I think some people don't bother
printing them out, or don't notice they're there, or... I'm not sure really.
Regardless, the detail on these can be hard to read. 11x17 paper & printers
are getting more common, and can be one solution to reading fine print.


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I'm going to scratch an itch and ask some CDT

--  After studying maps, journals and guidebooks, it
seems that the CDT is still a lot of road walking. 
How much blacktop roadwalking can a thru-hiker expect
(an approximate percentage per state?)?  I'm not
bothered as much by dirt roads, but the prospect of a
large and numerous blacktop walks is a worry.

--  What maps and guidebooks are thru-hikers carrying
now (in the last one or two years)?  I want to be sure
I'm planning on carrying as much as I need, but no
more.  (I want to have all route options with me at
all times.)

--  Considering buying an extended antenna for my
Garmin 60c GPS..necessary?

--  As a southbounder, I'm planning to start with my
ice axe in late June...good idea or excess?

Simple and quick answers would suit me fine.

Thanks in advance,

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