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The CDTA, Congressman Pearce, the land managers and the local community
are currently engaged in conversation about how to best route the CDT in
this vicinity. The Congressman has taken a personal interest in
completing the Trail in part due to the success the CDTA has had with
volunteers and gaining local community support for this effort.

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>>"It is very hard to fathom that there might be
>>"trophy >>homes" built out there in the nothingness
>>of the high >>desert/divide!"

Believe it!

There is even a real estate office now for something
called "Wild Horse Ranch" (or something along those
lines) along the walk into town.

According to a few people I talked in Pie Town, the
old ranchers are sub-dividing the lots. Selling them
off for vacation homes. Heck..I even saw the real
estate signs myself.

Two hikers I know stumbled into a walled compound type
place that was not there in 2001 as well.

Sure Bruce could comment more. It is an interesting
aspect that I am sure is making routing the CDT more

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