[cdt-l] Big Sky International Warning

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Sat Dec 9 08:58:09 CST 2006

I just want to warn those of you looking at a possible purchase of a Big 
Sky International tent.  A year ago I sent $280 through paypal and 
American Express to the company for their double-walled, one person 
tent.  They were offering a 20% rebate if I was willing to wait until 
April for delivery.  I figured this was a good deal and I would help a 
start-up company with their cash flow. 

I got the rebate with no problem.  April came and went and I began 
emailing Bob Molen, the company's owner.  I would ask when I could 
expect to receive my tent, and he repeatedly gave a version of, "We're 
in production of version 2 (or b or xywy) and we're really excited about 
it."  No mention of dates or direct response to my questions. 

This summer I talked to him on the phone and said I would be driving 
through Jackson at the end of July and would be happy to pick up my tent 
mano-a-mano.  He said he didn't have any, but would loan me a returned 
tent.  I declined. 

I have continued to make contact once a month, and recently have 
received no responses to querys.  September was the last time I heard 
from him. 

I contacted American Express and because the claim is older than 45 
days, they asked me to write a letter and fax it to their dispute 
center.  I think I'm going to have to file a claim in small claims court 
to get any satisfaction.  I checked and the company has not filed for 
bankrupcy, as of three weeks ago at least.  I will also write the better 
business bureau and Jackson Chamber of Commerce.  Any other suggestions 
are welcome.  I fear that my money is long gone. 

At any rate, I thought I would offer my experience to include as part of 
your contemplations about purchasing a tent.  The sad part is that the 
tent looks beautiful and well-made...

Jeff, just Jeff...

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