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I apologize; I meant to respond to the individual that wanted to know
what we had done to minimize motorized use of the CDT. I don't believe
you asked the question.

As to Thailand. I am also a member of Rotary and we have a fellowship of
Mountain and Climbing and Rotarians around the world are involved. I'd
love to make it to Thailand someday (maybe when the is completed)) Let
me know if you would like more info on Rotary-they can be a big help,
especially if you involve youth in your efforts and good luck!

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Hello Bruce, I appreciate your reply and comments.  I stand corrected.
have heard those rumors that i talked about and am happy to see that you
a backpacker first.
It is true however about the 4 wheelers and motorcycles allowed up there
many many Nat. Forests.    I hope you have luck getting them in
I saw that you typed: "Just curious Glen what have you done to"   and
it faded out so i can only guess at your question.    I have made a
about the triple crown in which 2/3 of my video is about the CDT and
beauty.   I have shown this video at 2 ALDHA gatherings promoting the
and the fact that the CDT is my favorite.
I hiked the CDT twice (and the CO trail) and hope to again some day.   I

hope it stays wild and quiet and free.    I see your intentions are good
i wish you luck getting those things done.

I am presently living in Thailand and trying to help get a trail built
length of Phuket, the island where i live.
Thanks for answering my questions.    Glenn "fiddlehead" Fleagle

>From: "Bruce Ward" <bruce at cdtrail.org>
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>Subject: [cdt-l] CDTA Position Statement
>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 17:57:13 -0700
>The CDTA firmly believes the intent of Congress was a non-motorized
>primitive and challenging route. We have worked very hard through our
>relationships within the agencies to convey that message and to secure
>funds to build alternative routes that are non motorized.
>This is our board approved position statement:
>The Continental Divide Trail Alliance believes that motorized use of
>Continental Divide National Scenic Trail should be prohibited in all
>the most limited circumstances. More specifically,  it is the position
>of the Alliance that:
>1) Motorized use along the CDT should be limited to the original 424
>miles identified for such use in the Secretary of Interior's 1976 CDT
>Report, and as indicated in that report, should be periodically
>for the purpose of phasing out motorized use. Motorized use along any
>additional segments of the Trail inherently interferes with the Trail's
>basic nature and purpose and is inconsistent with a quality hiking,
>horseback and other non-motorized outdoor recreation experiences.
>2) Other than the original 424 miles, the Forest Service, Park Service
>and BLM should not designate segments of the Trail on public lands that
>will be open to motorized use.  If the agencies propose designating a
>segment of the Trail on public lands which is open to motorized use at
>the time of designation, they should either: i) close the particular
>segment to motorized use once it officially becomes part of the
>Continental Divide Trail; or ii) designate, or if necessary, construct
>an alternative segment of the Trail which avoids the motorized area or
>trail. If Trail segments on public lands have already been designated
>open to motorized use, the agencies should either construct an
>alternative non-motorized route or phase out the motorized use by the
>year 2000.
>3) Where segments of the Trail will pass through non-public lands (i.e.
>private lands), the agencies should seek, wherever possible, a
>non-motorized route or right-of-way.
>In adopting the above position  vis a  vis motorized use of the CDNST,
>the Board of the Continental Divide Trail Alliance wishes to emphasize
>that it does not object to the appropriate use of motorized vehicles on
>certain public lands. However, it believes that the intent in
>establishing the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail was to
>a primitive recreational trail for hikers, horseback riders and other
>non-motorized users. Motorized use of the Trail is, therefore,
>inconsistent with the Trail's basic nature and purpose. Where potential
>conflicts arise between designation of a non-motorized CDNST and
>existing motorized use, CDTA will work closely with federal agencies
>motorized users to find appropriate, but separate routes to accommodate
>all concerned.
>Just curious Glen what have you done to
>Bruce Ward
>Executive Director
>Continental Divide Trail Alliance
>PO Box 628
>Pine, CO 80470
>Tel.  303  838 3760
>Cell: 303 917 1476
>Fax: 303 838 3960
>Shipping Address:
>13700 Highway 285
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>I saw 4 four-wheelers in the Wiminuche tearing up pipes that had just
>put in to keep the trail dry.    They were lost, without a map, without
>means to camp, and it was about an hour from dark.    I showed them
>they were on my map and went on my way, amazed at how they could be out
>there without a map and tearing things up.   I reported them to the
>station i saw only to be told that they had just as much right to be up
>there as i did.
>So, i think making a continuous trail and trying to say it can only be
>for hiking is a dream that will not happen.    It's best left the way
>and enjoy the freedom of no trail.
>There are a lot more bicyclists, four wheelers and motorcycle users
>there are hikers.    Don't push too hard to make this trail more
>Enjoy it for what it is.
>I don't know a whole lot about Bruce Ward but have heard rumors that he
>more of a bicycler than hiker.    I doubt he's on the same side as you.
>Maybe he could tell us himself?   Bruce, do you spend more time on the
>hiking or biking?      fh
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> >
> >Hear, Hear!  (to John's suggestion that the continuous thread be for
> >on foot only and be clearly understood/marked if it is not!)
> >
> >If I ever see another motocyclist tearing up what is clearly marked
> >footpath-only trail only while I am there on the spot, I will curse
> >loud, throw rocks, hit them with my poles, spit, scratch, anything I
> >think of.  This angers me to no end.
> >
> >Tell me, Bruce Ward, what has the Association ever done to curtail
> >usage of the trail?  Slap the USFS on the back of their hands?
> >
> >Karl Luce
> >(once again a member of the CDTA, don't ask me why...)
> >
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> >From: "John Brennan" <john at frozenpoodle.com>
> >
> > > I really like the subversive idea of a matrix of routes. I think
> >CDT
> > > route as a bundle of loose threads (that sometimes converge) on a
>map of
> >the
> > > trail corridor. In contrast, PCT and AT are a strong rope
> >Mexico
> > > & Canada.
> > >
> > > Let the mapping of the CDT reflect a confounding, ever-changing
> > > routes base on an individual's situation on a given hike. I've
> >that my
> > > route to-date has been changed by conditions beyond my control:
> >snow
> > > and lightning.
> > >
> > > This bundle of threads reflects the reality of actually hiking the
> >A
> > > strong rope reflects the need for clarity and certainty that
> >organizations
> > > and governments need.
> > >
> > > Let ONE continuous thread be for those on foot only: no bicycles,
> >motor
> > > bikes, no ATVs. And let it be clear where each mode of travel is
> >so
> > > that I can choose, if necessary, to venture on to the trail of
> >aggressive
> > > mountain bikers.
> > >
> > > -John/Cupcake
> > >
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> > >
> > > Backpacker Magazine is joining with CDTA to produce a definitive
> >the
> > > CDT.
> > >
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