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Just wondering where you got your info?


The CDTA does raise revenue from a variety of sources that helps us with
our efforts to complete the Trail, acquire in-holdings, make our case in
Washington, create opportunities for over 1,000 volunteers a year, put
dozens of young people to work on the Trail through our Youth Corps and
inform the public of critical issues facing us, not only on the CDT, but
public lands in general.


There are currently no plans for the CDTA to receive funds. But if we do
ultimately derive some financial benefit, I hope you will think that the
work we are doing is worthy.


If you would like to become a member of  the CDTA (suggested donation is
$31.00 or a penny a mile) I would be personally glad to take your
information. Unless you are already a member and if so I apologize for
the redundant request.


You can also visit our website at www.cdtrail.org
<http://www.cdtrail.org/> . We are in the process of evaluating our
site, so any suggestions from you or the other CDT enthusiasts would be
sincerely appreciated.


Hope you are having a great day.


Bruce Ward

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BP and CDTA are making an "official map" to make guide books and maps to
sell for profit.


That's my opinion.

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Sorry, maybe my point wasn't clear.  

We all know that a variety of maps are required to successfully navigate
the CDT and all the conditions associated with it.  

However, my point was that there already exist detailed, topographical
maps of the various different CDT routes, why does there need to be
another bureaucratic initiative to make more?  Some one has already done
what the Forest Service and CDTA and Backpacker propose to do.  Again,
naively, I'm wondering why? Why does it need to be re-mapped?


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> Subject: Re: [cdt-l] To ask the obvious
> Jonathan's maps are great, but we didn't find that they were
sufficient for 
> our hike.  I still think that carrying larger scale maps (National
> BLM, TI maps) is necessary for navigation on the CDT.  There are so
> side roads and trails that just don't show on Jonathan's maps - or
that you 
> can't see where they end up.  If you get off track, it is really nice
> know that the jeep track you are on connects to another jeep track
that you 
> can take to get back to the trail.  If you need to bail because of
> injury or fire, having the larger map can be a necessity to see
> routes.
> Since the NF maps aren't topographic, Jonathan's maps were a real
> However, my eyes had a hard time picking up a lot of the detail since
> printed on 8.5 x 11 paper rather than legal size.   I would definitely

> recommend carrying them, but I also recommend carrying other maps as
> Ginny
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> >Subject: [cdt-l] To ask the obvious
> >Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 03:13:32 +0000
> >
> >
> >...But what's wrong with Jonathan's maps?  Why can't they be used for
> >purpose of "defining" the CDT on a Federal Level?  I know this is a
> >question, which a bureaucratic answer, but CDT hikers since 2001 have
> >walking the length of the CDT navigating by these maps with great
> >Again, I know this is naive, and yet it isn't.  Maps exist of the
> >
> >Perhaps Bruce can comment on this?
> >
> >-d-low
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