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Thanks for the question. We have been working to identify a route with
the land management agencies that is totally non-motorized (no road
walking or motor vehicle traffic), is sensitive to environmental
concerns and provides for the highest degree of scenic value.
Our land manager partners have many restrictions and regulations that we
have to work with as part of a federally mandated process, but they are
doing their best to assist us in determining the optimum route given
their restraints.
I appreciate the question and welcome constructive criticism of our

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...But what's wrong with Jonathan's maps?  Why can't they be used for
the purpose of "defining" the CDT on a Federal Level?  I know this is a
naive question, which a bureaucratic answer, but CDT hikers since 2001
have been walking the length of the CDT navigating by these maps with
great success.  Again, I know this is naive, and yet it isn't.  Maps
exist of the trail.

Perhaps Bruce can comment on this?

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