[cdt-l] CDT Mapping Effort

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Fri Dec 1 18:50:15 CST 2006

> http://www.backpacker.com/cdtmap

Ha! this is classic B-packer style. For anyone who didn't take the time to
read the questions, I've copied them below. I think 1 and 2 are trick
questions though - who knows how long the CDT is if it hasn't been
"mapped", right? and the interface only lets you pick 1 choice for
question #2 - very funny. Makes me wonder about who's planning this thing?

Anyway, more power to 'em. If they can generate more interest in the CDT,
great! Actually, it could be a fun trip... It's nice to "backpack with a
purpose" sometimes.


1: How many miles long is the CDT?

2: Which of these states does the CDT not pass through?

3: A “waypoint” is...
An old mapping term for an interesting overlook along a ridge
Anywhere along the trail where you take a rest stop
An important named landmark shown on a topo map
A geographic point of interest saved on a GPS

4: Most altimeters produce elevation readings by measuring...
Barometric pressure
Magnetic fields
Oxygen levels

5: How would you rate your overall map and navigation skills? (Note:
Please don’t exaggerate here. Navigation expertise is NOT a prerequisite
for selection as a volunteer. The following questions will simply help us
build balanced teams.)
Basic: I can read a map, but don’t have the skills to navigate off-trail.
Intermediate: I can shoot and follow a bearing with my compass, and I’m
comfortable navigating cross-country when there are obvious landmarks.
Advanced: I’m experienced at cross-country navigation and would feel
comfortable leading a group.
Expert: Drop me anywhere—in thick forest, deep canyon mazes, even a
whiteout snowstorm—and I’ll find my way out.

6: Do you own a GPS?

7: How would you rate your expertise with GPS navigation?

8: What is the longest distance you’ve ever navigated off-trail by compass
or GPS?
Less than a mile
1-2 miles
2-5 miles
5 or more miles

9: Have you hiked any sections of the CDT?

10: Which sections have you hiked of the CDT?

11: How would you rate your current fitness level?
Excellent: I could backpack 50 miles right now.
Good: I’m in shape for strenuous weekends and could tough out a week in
the mountains.
Fair: I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous and could use a month or two of
vigorous training.
Poor: Give me a workout plan! I need to get started right now to be ready
by July.

12: Some teams might hike 40 miles in their week on the CDT; others might
exceed 50. What’s the highest mileage you’ve ever hiked in a week?
60 or more
I haven't done a weeklong hike

13: On a scale of 1-5, how comfortable are you using a digital camera?

14: Please use this space to tell us why you’d make a terrific CDT map
volunteer (limit 100 words).

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